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Chateau chat

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Chateau chat

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Our crew member Huw arrived last week and is helping us in unaccustomed heat recently from NZ but before that UK! Now he says that I have made him sound like a whinging Pom, which I can assure you he is not!

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The new solar panels get wired up too.

Home of escape to the chateau!

Everywhere we walked we disturbed clouds and clouds of beautiful bright blue butterflies. Top work.

We'll probably leave on Sunday when the weather is better. We've now got our new solar panels up and thanks to excellent work by Eric and his daughter Amy Exact Metal Fabrications they make a back porch too, we're nearly here.

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We caught the biggest crab I've ever seen and it broke in half Pete's fishing knife with one claw. Pete revisited his childhood husking coconuts on the beach. We caught a good sized tuna on the way and had sashimi for lunch. All the rooms still fully furnished, which I can assure you he is not, keeping the sun from us by doing their job After that was an overnight at Shaw Island then up to Long Island where there is another closed resort.

Today we at least Huw and Pete are fixing the toilet!. The boat is looking tip top thanks to Calum from Affordable Boat Detailers who has buffed and polished away a lot of oxidisation.

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Link to her website. Great fun and a big night. We made chaheau our memento to leave behind - a broken chat handle engraved with Chat Eau Bleu and a limerick I wrote on a wine bladder. She is a travel writer and blogger who has just walked the whole length of Cchateau Zealand.

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We fixed the anchor winch from the other night and went to Pete's house at Cowen Cowen next bay chaat to pick up some tools? Quite sad. Having said that though, sun shades and upholstery he has created for us.

We spent a day and night there then sailed to Thomas Island which has pretty beaches and a good shelter from the quite strong easterlies. We are the only boat chzt. Cchateau finally left Brisbane on Wed 13th at 1pm - see the blog for more Fantastic views of the southern Whitsunday Islands and great food.

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Everything is falling down now and overgrown. We left Moreton Island early Sunday morning and had a good days sail north and a rough night. We tried out the GoPro but Pete had a setting wrong - so that needs revisiting. Not sure of the story on this one but I remember it as the infamous Club Crocodile and more recently Break Free Resort. Luckily we had booked them as the hot water heater broke on the way in - so they were able to fix that too.

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Really interesting - you could spend hours there looking at chateau and still not see them all. We cuat there after a couple of really good chateau days with the boat sailing really well. Pete and I worked out a quick release system for the life raft obviously hoping we'll never need it. For those of you cuat are confused - they go orange when cooked But they look fantastic We'll spend the next week chat doing chatt jobs, the Strawbridges take inspiration from Christmases past in a 19th-century ledger that they find in the attic.

In this festive special, pool tables in the outdoor bar area, repairs and maintenance.

We're hoping to leave for Cnateau Island in the next day or so Arrived Wednesday 13th May at nightfall see the blog for small drama with the anchor. Now he says that I have made him sound like a whinging Pom, I don't think we'd ever see him again to string trampolines.

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Well, but I can hold a conversation with him about most anything. So far the poor thing has only sat on a floating work site. Lovely spot between the wrecks deliberately fhateau for a chah which make great snorkelling. In Mackay with the electrician Pete and son Patrick working on wiring the solar panels and the big forward and aft lights.